Apocalyptic Depression and Unrest Coming

I’ve been gently warning about this for two years, and suggesting that citizens prepare for disaster. The economy is going to get much worse after the tax-base dwindles, a condition spawned by trillions in frivolous spending in the last nine months, combined with a health-care monstrosity that will punish small business out-of-existence and force all Americans to buy “insurance” that guarantees them nothing but strife. And the fertile valleys in California whence a great percentage of American produce came are going fallow because of an effort to “save” an inconsequential minnow. People need saving, as do the farmers whose tradition and economy has been shut down in California. The EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, was founded by Republican president Richard M. Nixon. It has since perverted its original mission, and has become a body of insane fascists who care nothing for their fellow citizens.
I despair…and hereby present to you a chilling opinion-piece by the news editor of World Net Daily.

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  • Iraq: Mobile clinic doctors flee persecution, treat the displaced
    Dr. Nagham H., 44 , and Dr. Sinan M., 41, fled together with their families from the city of Bakhdida (also known as Karakosh) on September 6th, following its occupation by the Islamic State (ISIS). They sought refuge in Erbil and now live together with other refugees and displaced families. As doctors, Nagham and Sinan felt compelled to help those who fled […]
  • Ebola: “We must join forces and act together – the time is now!”
    Interview with Dr. Marie Benner, Malteser International expert in Public Health. So far, the current Ebola outbreak has caused 5,000 deaths, and the number of new infections continues to rise. What makes this virus so difficult to stop?  So far, there is no vaccine against the Ebola virus (at least none that is approved for mass distribution). All we can do […]
  • The Sovereign Order of Malta in Geneva: committed to promoting human dignity and religious freedom
    Interview with Ambassador Marie-Thérèse Pictet-Althann With over 2,500 conferences organised each year, Geneva, the humanitarian capital of the world, is a centre of multilateral diplomacy. 172 Permanent Missions, 30 international organisations and some 250 NGOs make up ‘international Geneva’ with a workforce of 28,000 diplomats and civil servants. The Sover […]
  • The Grand Chancellor interviewed by the Catholic Herald: “Reviving the guiding principles of humanitarian conduct has become an imperative”
    In an interview with British newspaper the Catholic Herald, the Grand Chancellor illustrates the work of the Order of Malta in the violence-ridden Middle East theatre and offers an overview of the current international scenario, underlying the undergoing major geopolitical changes. The Grand Chancellor also calls for the implementation of the human rights tr […]
  • Credentials presented by Cuba and Chile
    The Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta, Fra’ Matthew Festing, received today in audience in the Magistral Palace for the presentation of their Letters of Credence, the new Ambassadors of: - Cuba, H.E.Rodney Alejandro LÓPEZ CLEMENTE - Chile, H.E. Mónica JIMÉNEZ DE LA JARA
  • Visit of the Foreign Minister of the Republic of China (Taiwan): developing cooperation in the healthcare sector
    Last Monday, 20 October, the Foreign Minister of the Republic of China (Taiwan), David Yung-Lo Lin, visiting Rome for the beatification of Paul VI, was received in the Magistral Palace by the Sovereign Order of Malta’s Receiver of the Common Treasure, János Esterhazy de Galantha. During the talks the humanitarian commitment of the two governments in Africa, […]
  • For 15 years “Le Fleuron Saint Jean” on the Seine has been giving new hope to the homeless
    It was 1998 when the Ordre de Malte France launched an innovative project: to transform a barge into a reception centre for those living on the streets. 15 years later, from its anchorage in Paris on the banks of the Seine, ‘Le Fleuron Saint Jean’ continues its mission of sheltering and providing psychological support to the homeless as well as fostering the […]
  • The development of the Order of Malta’s actions in the Fourth Asia-Pacific Conference
    The Order of Malta’s conference held in Hong Kong from 17 to 19 October was the first to be held in Chinese territory, a sign of the growing importance and growth of the Order’s National Associations, Embassies and organizations in south-east Asia and in Oceania. After the conferences in Singapore, Manila and Sydney, Hong Kong was the Order of Malta’s fourth […]
    Yesterday, on 14 October, the Foreign Minister of the Principality of Liechtenstein, Aurelia Frick, visited the Magistral Palace. The minister was received by the Grand Chancellor Albrecht Boeselager and by the Grand Hospitaller Dominique de La Rochefaucauld-Montbel. During the talks, carried out in a climate of great cordiality, the Order of Malta’s activit […]
  • Credentials presented by Moldova and Venezuela
    The Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta, Fra’ Matthew Festing, received today in audience in the Magistral Palace for the presentation of their Letters of Credence, the new Ambassadors of: - Moldova, H.E. Stela STINGACI - Venezuela, H.E. Germán MUNDARAÍN HERNÁNDEZ

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  • Hungary: medical care for families isolated by poverty
    Across Hungary the Order of Malta’s Charity Service (MMSz) is sending its doctors to isolated communities living in great poverty. In the Roma settlement of Monor, southeast of Budapest, a third of residents suffer from high blood pressure, many are in urgent need of dental treatment and between 15-20% of children are visually impaired. Every week MMSz medic […]
  • Floods in Bulgaria: the Order’s Embassy in Sofia organizes volunteers and emergency aid
    In Bulgaria the torrential rain and flash flooding in July and August and again during last week have caused the death of fifteen people and forced thousands to leave their devastated homes. Besides the hundreds of houses, many other community buildings, such as orphanages, schools and homes for the elderly, were also destroyed. Camillo Zuccoli, the Sovereig […]
  • Iraq crisis: Malteser International expands aid outreach
    Number of displaced and refugees continues to rise The number of displaced people and refugee camps in north Iraq continues to rise, according to the latest reports from the relief team of Malteser International, worldwide relief agency of the Sovereign Order of Malta. Thousands of civilians - predominantly Christians, Yazidi, Arabs and Syrian refugees - hav […]
  • Liberia: the Order of Malta sends medical supplies for the Ebola emergency
    According to the latest figures the virus has killed 1,900 people in west Africa The Sovereign Order of Malta’s Ebola kit containing medicines and healthcare products arrived in Monrovia, Liberia on 2 September last. The kit mainly consists of supplies for the protection and hygiene of the local population and medical personnel in hospitals and healthcare pr […]
  • South Sudan: Half of population at risk of famine
    Malteser International distributes food, seeds to displaced population In South Sudan’s Western Equatoria, Malteser International is distributing staple foods such as corn, rice, beans, and cooking oil to 7,500 people at risk of starvation after being displaced by the country’s civil war. In addition, the agency is distributing corn and peanut seeds as well […]
  • Iraq crisis: Order of Malta delivers container clinic and medical aid to camps
    Over the last few days, Malteser International has delivered drugs, medical supplies, wheelchairs and water filtration to two refugee camps in Ankawa, a suburb of Erbil in northern Iraq. The relief agency of the Order of Malta also delivered a shipping container clinic to the health centre of Mart Shmoni church, where gravely ill patients can be cared for an […]
  • Iraq crisis: Medicines for 10,000 displaced Christians and minorities
    Back to school means thousands of displaced will soon be homeless Malteser International, the worldwide relief agency of the Order of Malta, will secure medical assistance for 10,000 displaced Christians and minorities in north Iraq over a period of three months. A shipment containing drugs, medical supplies and hygiene items will be distributed to the camps […]
  • Hungary: the day the fall of the iron curtain changed history
    Hungary and the Order of Malta celebrate the Order’s key role in supporting East German refugees. Messages of Angela Merkel and Fra’ Matthew Festing. On August 14, 1989, the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta set up in the garden of Zugliget parish church in Budapest the first refugee camp to deal with the tens of thousands of East German refuge […]
  • Humanitarian aid for Gaza victims
    The Order of Malta’s hospital in Bethlehem sends essential medicines to the general hospital on the Gaza Strip The recent conflict in Gaza has been devastating in terms of 2000 lives lost,  9500 wounded and almost a quarter of the population displaced. All the infrastructure (electricity, access to water, transport, health and schools) has been seriously dam […]
  • Holland Hosts Thirty-first International Summer Camp
    Over 500 participants in the event that removes all barriers An unforgettable experience. This is how participants describe the Order of Malta’s summer camp for the young disabled. For thirty-one consecutive years the Order’s members and volunteers have been getting together for an intense week in which they take care of their disabled contemporaries, removi […]

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