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Today is TWEED DAY

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Yes, put away your gold lamé–because today is TWEED DAY!


Posted on April 2, 2013 at 10:25 AM


By M-J de Mesterton

Our friend Steve Worthington, eminent storyboard artist and sculptor, has written and illustrated a tale for Tweed Day, which is today, the Third of April, 2013.

Click upon the miniature picture to see Steve Worthington’s scintillating Tweed Day tale, an action-story that highlights the desirability of tweed cloth*….

*Tweed is cloth, not “fabric”–click here to see our photos and history of TWEED.

The Clothes-Line: Dressing Well While Travelling

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Read the Pamphlet

Elegant Dressing for Fall and Winter: Tweed Suit

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Elegant Dressing for Autumn: Classic Tweed Travelling Suit

M-J de Mesterton in Aquascutum Tweed Suit, Her Perennial Favourite

Rugged, traditional, natural and elegant tweed made from Scottish wool is the best material for fall and winter dressing. Easily covered with a trench-coat or embellished with a pashmina or long wool scarves, tweed will keep you warm and dry. Tweed suits, skirts, trousers and jackets are always fashionable.
©M-J de Mesterton

Elegant Tweed for Autumn and Winter

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Talking Heads Clad Badly and Barely-Shod

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Summer Dress and Peep-Toe Shoes in December?!

Why is the anchorwoman wearing a sleeveless summer dress in cold NYC on December 6th? Are biceps something that female talking heads suddenly find a crying need to bare, even in freezing temperatures? Are they using too much energy to keep tropically warm indoors? Is it seasonally-appropriate to wear bare-toed shoes on wintry days, as the woman in red is doing, or sandals (the first lady wore sandals at a Kennedy Center gala last weekend) in December? I don’t think so. These women are on a national television show, displaying their irresponsible, energy-inefficient lifestyles before the public, as if to say that a size XXX carbon-footprint is desirable. The rest of us are wearing wool and tweed. living in homes without heat most of the time

Elegant Evening Dress for the Mature Woman

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M-J de Mesterton wears a diaphanous black silk blouse with abalone buttons, a Burgundy and black changeant taffeta skirt, and elegant, sensible shoes by Clarks–a perfectly respectable ensemble for a July evening. My husband once sat next to Princess Grace of Monaco at dinner, who was wearing this sort of blouse. It is strictly for evening-wear.

©M-J de Mesterton July 2011

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