Tree-Mulching for Water-Conservation

Gardening with Trees in Dry Climates

Create a well inside the mulch-ring, and keep mulch pieces away from trunk as shown..

Dry-Climate Landscaping with Stone and Gravel Conserves Water

Landscaping in dry climates and during serious droughts that may be permanent is a challenge.
To conserve water and protect this fruit tree’s roots from drying heat as well as cold mountain weather, a classic Japanese gardening component, namely large gravel, was employed outside the initial wood-mulched ring around its trunk. Not only does gravel look gorgeous during the changing light of day and evening, but it inhibits the growth of competing plants–weeds and “volunteers” that steal precious water to survive. Gravel endures more than grass in dry climates, keeps dusty soil from blowing about, and always looks right.
©M-J de Mesterton

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