Beverly Barbour-Soules, Renowned Food Expert

Beverly Barbour-Soules

I have several books by Beverly Barbour, who now goes by her  married name, Beverly Barbour-Soules. Among her works are a book about preserving food through canning, freezing, and drying, which I have found indispensable; then there is a magnificent compendium of classic American club recipes called Secret Recipes from Private Clubs, in which Ms Barbour included historical ephemera about the respective regional country and dining clubs. Beverly Barbour-Soules, native of North Dakota and former resident of New York City, now lives in San Francisco, and has been a renowned food expert since the 1970s.

I have located a page with links to several of Beverly Barbour’s recipes, all of which are laden with fun food facts and personal comments.

The Complete Food Preservation Book, by Beverly Barbour, 1978: Liner Notes

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