Sea-Borne Bacteria Vibrio Travels Northward

Vibrio, courtesy of Wikipedia

Vibrio Outbreaks

A number of illnesses, including cholera, are caused by the Vibrio family of bacteria, which comes in ten forms if not more by this date, as it apparently loves to mutate as well as proliferate. Vibrio bacterii cause gastrointestinal problems, soft tissue infections, and sepsis, which is deadly.

Long-known as a tropical maritime bacterial family, Vibrio has continued northward to the chilly Baltic Sea, and now Scandinavians and their many tourists are prone to the ill-effects of compromised seafood. It only took a one-degree increase in sea temperature to cause a 200% rise in the cholera-like Vibrio bacteria. People are thus being sickened by eating seafood that is even just slightly undercooked.

To avoid the potentially disastrous effects of Vibrio, make sure your seafood is properly cooked, which is difficult to determine especially in restaurants. Sound advice would be follow the example of the man who recently “saved” a seventeen-pound lobster from a restaurant tank, and  avoid eating seafood completely!

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