Elegant Antique Vanity and Matching Bench
The traditional vanity has a bench. Round, velvet-covered stools are also traditionally used before vanity-tables.
Elegant Lady's Vanity
Elegant Lady’s Vanity

Women and girls need somewhere to sit and do their “toilette”. An elegant vanity table with a classic mirror is a good idea. Even a makeshift one fashioned out of a folding table with a nice cloth upon it is very helpful. When I was a child, one of my memorable Christmas presents was something I had been seeing on television. The jingle went like this: “A little girl becomes a lovely lady, with a vanity all her own…”. To go with the vanity, I received a small wooden bench covered in white sheepskin with a poodle-head, tail and legs. I imagine that lots of girls got those things for Christmas in the early 1960s.

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