“The Salt of the Earth”
Pictured: M-J’s Painting of Himalayan Salt

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Himalayan Salt Painting by M-J de Mesterton ©2007;
It has been determined that gargling with salt-water reduces one’s risk of acquiring colds and flu by 40%.
Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in six ounces of warm water and gargle a couple of times per day after a sore throat begins, or when you believe you have been exposed to rhinovirus and/or influenza. Gargling with salt will soothe a sore throat by drawing-out moisture, thereby taking down swelling. ~M-J de Mesterton
Salt and Health 
(from The Salt Institute–edited by M-J for clarity)

Salt is essential not only to life, but to good health. It’s always been that way. Human blood contains 0.9% salt (sodium chloride) — the same concentration as found in United States Pharmacopaeia (USP) sodium chloride irrigant commonly used to cleanse wounds. Salt maintains the electrolyte balance inside…

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