Chocolate Pie

Chocolate Mousse Pie with Short Crust and Whipped Cream ©M-J de Mesterton 2015
Chocolate Pie with Short Crust and Whipped Cream ©M-J de Mesterton

I long ago published a recipe for my chocolate pie in a graham cracker-crust. Now, I prefer the contrast of a slightly salty short crust. For this pie, I let my traditional filling cool in the baked pie-shell, for which I used a spring-form pan. Then, I removed most of the chocolate filling  into a bowl, leaving a coating of it inside the crust. I then folded into the bowl of pie-filling a cup of whipped, unsweetened cream, creating a mousse au chocolat. After pouring the mousse into the pie shell, I put blobs of sweetened whipped cream on top with a pastry bag.

©M-J de Mesterton 2015


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