Donald J. Trump Interviewed in 1988

 I lived and worked in Manhattan for twenty-two years, during which time Donald J. Trump was well-known and loved by nearly all who knew him. I did art-restoration work for his family portraits periodically from 1986–2002, and worked on the Trumps’ engagement pictures  just before I joined the post-911 diaspora and moved back to the west coast. The man treated everyone well, especially the “little” people who worked on his projects. Mr. Trump was never called a racist or a bigot until he ran for president against a Democrat, the woman who spent billions on advertisements that amounted to slander and libel. She does belong to a family that has made an industry of character-assassination for decades.~~M-J

Jealous competitors of Donald J. Trump and a vicious press would have you believe that Donald Trump is a political neophyte and not conservative. He has written numerous books on the state of America and how it can be improved. The above series of clips from interviews of DJT includes spots from the early 1980s and possibly the late 1970s that totally blow apart the nasty propaganda of the mainstream media, and offer proof-aplenty that Donald J. Trump has held the same core beliefs for decades. And the following link will demonstrate that DJT is the most democratic (are Democrats really democratic?) presidential candidate in history:  


Donald John Trump’s Mother, Mary Anne MacLeod, Originally of Scotland
(Later Married to Frederick Christ Trump, American Citizen of German Heritage)
©M-J de M. 2016