Clothing "Sizes" Don’t Matter



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Waist_Measurements_MannequinClothing “Sizes” Don’t Matter: Use a Tape-Measure!

The days of buying women’s clothing by size are gone. Each manufacturer has a different set of measurements and corresponding sizes. The reasons behind this development are also diverse among the designers and makers of clothes. For example, in order to charge more for their designs, some clothing companies will pretend that a size 12 is a “plus-size,” for the purpose of charging more for it (as though accommodating a 38-inch bust were going to require several yards more fabric…). Size 10 used to be the ideal, and now some clothes-designers are calling garments with 36-24-36 a size “4”. Others are calling 40-28-40 a size 18, which is patently ridiculous. One company comes to mind, and that is J. Peterman, a big offender in this department, which sells what used to be marketed as size 12 as an “18”, causing their 18s to…

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