Remember Rational Standard Dress-Sizes?

Nothing has changed since I posted these thoughts in 2011 (THE ARTICLE BELOW IS A RE-BLOG). Well, maybe…some women are now  abusing the term, “plus-size” when it serves their nasty purposes. Misery does love company. As the following article that I wrote in 2011 indicates, labels are often wrong. So, let’s not label each other, as we are all individuals. This applies in all walks of life. Let us go by accurate measurements when it comes to clothing ourselves, and measure the content of one’s character instead of a superficial thing like skin-tone. Generalizing is for idiots, and justifying evil simply because the perpetrators are part of a certain gender, religion or race is for the birds.

Elegant Survival

Remember normal-sized clothing for women, before the American fashion industry started distorting sizing in order to flatter the anorexia cult? Standard sizing no longer exists–a dress with a 36-inch bust is now labelled as anything between size 4 and size 14, depending upon whom the maker is targeting. And today’s size 12 is now sometimes distorted by being labelled “plus” for the purpose of  charging more for it.  Some of the styles offered by New York City’s Bergdorf Goodman in 1948 started at size 12, and went up to size 20. Originally, “plus sizes” were anything above size twenty. In 1948, this black silk dress was offered at Bergdorf Goodman in sizes 10–16. If a woman wanted something smaller, she had to shop in the children’s section.
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