Strained Yoghurt


Straining your own yoghurt makes a delightful Mediterranean or Middle Eastern spread for bread or pita. This is what “Greek yogurt” as marketed in the U.S. is trying to be, and failing miserably in most cases. Usually, to thicken their yoghurt, companies merely add artificial thickeners and starches. To make the real thing is incredibly simple. Put a round coffee-filter into a bowl-sized strainer or sieve, empty a container of plain whole-milk or full-fat yoghurt into it, cover with another round coffee-filter, and place over a bowl that allows some space between the bottom of the strainer and the base of the bowl, so that when your yoghurt is draining, it will not soak itself.  Keep the assembly covered with clear wrap, because fruit-flies love this stuff. I initiate this process before going to bed at night; in the morning I have wonderful, thick spread for my preferred bread or pita, and this yoghurt-cheese is also excellent with a fried egg.

Add cayenne pepper and/or zatar (za’atar) herbal mixture on top of this when used as a spread, and you will have an authentic Middle Eastern- style taste treat.

©M-J de Mesterton

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