M-J’s Old Classic Sweater by Red and Blue of Milan



M-J’s 15-year-Old Classic Sweater by Red and Blue of Milan, Bought at an Italian Tailor Shop: Sir Roger Moore Wore the “Same” Sweater Several Times in His 1970s Series, “The Persuaders”, with Tony Curtis

This elegant, double-breasted classic sweater by Red and Blue of Milan looks superb on all sides! It has brass buttons on its cuffs and front. The sweater is versatile charcoal grey and rib-knitted, just like Sir Roger’s. It even has double vents in the back.


Take good care of your clothes,

and they will serve you well for decades!

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Jessica Fellowes: the World of Downton Abbey

About the Author

JESSICA FELLOWES, is the author of The World of Downton Abbey, based on the Emmy Award winning television series, Downton Abbey. She is a journalist and the former Deputy Editor of Country Life, as well as the niece of Julian Fellowes. She lives in London and has a house in Sussex.
JULIAN FELLOWES is the Emmy Award-winning writer and creator of the TV series Downton Abbey. He is also the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of Gosford Park and the author of the New York Times bestselling novel Snobs. He lives in London and Dorset.

Elegant Lasagne

Egg-based “fresh pasta” is hung to dry on the handle of my stainless-steel kitchen cart, after being rolled and cut by hand. It will be boiled and set into a rectangular pan on top of a layer of meat sauce, covered with a ricotta-cheese mixture, which will then be covered with more of this pasta, on top of which will go some more meat sauce, pasta and béchamel (balsamella) sauce. See Elegant Cook for my recipes.

Here is the assemblage of lasagne and fillings, ready to bake:

Elegant Survivalist, by M-J de Mesterton


NEW from M-J: The Elegant Survivalist

Elegant Survivalist

My new site may be found here: ELEGANT SURVIVALIST–please visit it for regular updates on elegant dressing, elegant living, elegant cuisine, elegant gardening, elegant culture, basic survival tips and all things elegant. 

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Elegant Survival

Carry the Torch for Survival

A survival tool with many applications, the Cree Lumen Master tactical light is something you will want to carry at all times. This powerful little gem requires three AAA batteries. It is a strong light-source that will allow you to scan your property or home for intruders, and if pointed at them will cause criminals to go wobbly, thereby giving you more time to react in fitting fashion. Our recommended supplier is a sterling fellow who will get Cree’s fabulous torch to you in record time, at a price you can afford. In fact, one cannot afford to go without such an asset. Used by military personnel and savvy citizens, the business-end of this baby is a dangerous bit of metal with which no slime-ball wants to come into contact. 

Elegant Perfume and Soap by Roger & Gallet

Photo of 1961 Magazine Advert, Europe, by M-J de Mesterton
This advertisement for the classic French soap and scent company, Roget & Gallet, was probably designed to evoke images of Princess Grace of Monaco, a very elegant woman.