Wear Gloves for Health

Posted on April 10, 2014 at 12:05 PM  

Since 2006, I have been writing about the benefits of wearing gloves. Now, there is more justification than ever for my admonitions and recommendations on the topic. Currently plaguing Americans and the rest of the world are norovirus and MRSA; the deadly ebola virus is rampant in Africa, and other antibiotic-resistant diseases are proliferating. Most of these viruses are spread by surface-contact. Wearing gloves while out in public, especially while shopping, and disinfecting them when you get home can save your life. And hospital-acquired diseases are now common, so do your best to avoid hospitals and other heath-clinics.


Hospital-acquired infections can be caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites; they are spread by touching contaminated surfaces, clothing and implements, or skin-contact with infected people. Viruses may be contracted from surgical procedures, catheters, or by inhaling airborne pathogens.

Common hospital infections are MRSA and C Difficile. These micro-organisms may already exist dormant in the patient’s body or be contracted from the air, contaminated surfaces and hospital equipment, healthcare workers or other patients. Hospitals must employ pre-screening for MRSA or C-Difficile prior to surgery.

These infections and viruses are often resistant to antibiotics, and the lack of effective therapies may necessitate amputation of fingers or limbs. If you find yourself having to be in the hospital as a patient or visitor, wear disposable gloves before touching any surface, tool, item of clothing or person.

Relying on antibacterial gels and liquids is no longer adequate for self-protection against dangerous germs. Wearing gloves can not only enhance your elegance, but you will be more confident about your safety and survival. M-J’s Recommendation for Affordable, Elegant Gloves (click here): Protect Yourself with Stylish, Versatile Gloves

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(2014) Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Says:

…they’re just loading up disease-ridden groups of immigrants onto buses and DUMPING them onto the streets of large U.S. cities like Phoenix and Houston.

Keep in mind this is the same government that won’t let your child attend public school if they aren’t vaccinated. But 1,000 people crossing the border every day with AIDS, influenza, swine flu, scabies, lice and bed bugs is perfectly okay. The CDC says nothing, and the feds actually transplant these people into high population-density cities.

That’s why this is a “perfect storm” for a pandemic outbreak:



Protect Yourself from the Elements

with Gloves, Hats and Parasols

Green Tea Fights Flu


“Green tea is known to contain antiviral components that prevent influenza infection,” wrote Hiroshi Yamada, MD, PhD, of the University of Shizuoka, Japan.
Yamada and his colleagues analyzed questionnaires from 2,050 students, ages six to 13 years, in elementary schools in Kikugawa City. The questionnaires included information about their consumption of green tea.

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