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M-J’s Old Classic Sweater by Red and Blue of Milan

M-J’s 15-year-Old Classic Sweater by Red and Blue of Milan, Bought at an Italian Tailor Shop: Sir Roger Moore Wore the “Same” Sweater Several Times in His 1970s Series, “The Persuaders”, with Tony Curtis

This elegant, double-breasted classic sweater by Red and Blue of Milan looks superb on all sides! It has brass buttons on its cuffs and front. The sweater is versatile charcoal grey and rib-knitted, just like Sir Roger’s. It even has double vents in the back.


Take good care of your clothes,

and they will serve you well for decades!

©M-J de Mesterton

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Elegant Dressing for Evening


Above: a proper evening gown, full-length and low-cut at the bodice; this dress is more appropriate for an evening with dinner and dancing than for cocktail parties. (See below.)

Below: “Your Editor”, Painter M-J de Mesterton wears a lacy, cotton-lined dress that can be worn at afternoon tea, or at cocktails/drinks parties year-round. Also, it is suitable for less formal dinners and nightclubs. Long sleeves that leave space for bracelets make this knee-length gown very elegant, and the round neckline accommodates big pearls. Amazon.com has similar dresses for as little as 39.00. Blue suede shoes with comfortable three-inch wedge-heels are by Clarks.


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Christmas Present; Christmas Past

Oil Paintings by M-J de Mesterton

My Christmas Cakes, 2010 and 2016–Always White with Royal Icingelegant_cook_christmas_cake_copyright_m-j_de_mesterton



M-J’s Classic Christmas Cookies

I have been enjoying these festive shortbread biscuits since I was a child. 

One half-pound of butter

Two and a half cups of flour

One cup of powdered sugar

One tablespoon of milk (full-fat, of course)

One teaspoon of vanilla (imitation vanilla is just as good as the real thing)

One egg yolk mixed with two tablespoons of cream (to brush on top, as a base for sprinkles–adds nice flavour, believe it or not)
If you are going to use icing and a piping bag to decorate these Christmas cookies, skip this.


The ingredients, except for the egg yolk and cream, are mixed together and rolled out to a quarter (1/4) inch thickness. Then cookie-cutters are employed; the things are brushed with egg yolk/cream and sprinkled with coloured sugar. Sometimes I prefer to decorate the cookies with Swedish pärlsokker, or white pearl sugar. Transfer the cut-out cookies to an upside-down cookie-sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.


M-J de Mesterton  


christmas_pinkie_wye_valley_goodiesWye Valley Specialities for Christmastide from Our Dear Friend Peter King






Ideals Christmas Magazine, 1947


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M-J’s Blueberry-Fruit Smoothie Revisited

M-J de Mesterton: Still Life with SmoothieM-J’s 2009 Article on Health-Enhancing Blueberries

Ginger, Chilean black grapes, plain yoghurt, bananas, apples, oranges, frozen blueberries, strawberries and a bit of honey are blended in an Osterizer for a health-enhancing morning drink.
~~M-J de Mesterton, 2009

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Clown Painting Copyright 1986 by M-J de Mesterton; New York Memories

MAY 20, 2009
The clown painting I created in Manhattan, New York City in August, 1986, has received very many views lately by people in Brussels and elsewhere, who, perhaps because of a recent protest/clown nose-throwing event, were searching for “clown painting”. I use it as the mast-head on “M-J’s Theater of the Absurd”. Here is my painting, called
Dexter, the Collide-O-Clown. Please do not use it without my permission.
M-J de Mesterton
Clown Painting, "Dexter the Collide-O-Clown"; Oil on Belgian Linen Copyright M-J de Mesterton 1986
Clown Painting, “Dexter”; Oil on Belgian Linen Copyright M-J de Mesterton 1986

I remember that on August 4th, 1986, while painting this clown, I was listening to the old New York radio station, WNEW a.m., and heard the bad news that their premier disc-jockey and raconteur, William B. Williams had passed away. This definitely had an impact on the clown painting. William B. was only 62, but back then, I was 30, and that seemed ancient. For years, I had listened to Willie B.’s morning show, Make-Believe Ballroom Time, during which he played big band classics and standard ballads by the greats. He always started his show with a cheery, “Hello, World!”. We listened to it in the art studio at 45 West 45th Street. Jonathan Schwartz was on the air at WNEW a.m. during that time, as well. His program was called, “New York at Night,” and he played the “Chairman of the Board”–William B. Williams’ title for Frank Sinatra, and “The Best there Is”, Jonathan’s moniker for Tony Bennett. Alas, the station no longer exists as it did, though I’m sure that some entity is using its call-letters, WNEW a.m. I think the frequency was 1130. I bought the WNEW book commemorating its 50-year anniversary, “Where the Melody Lingers On”, in 1984. Inside it, I have news-clippings on the station and its great personalities, including William B. Williams’ obituaries from the New York Times and the New York Post. William B. Williams was a Dean of the Friars, knew nearly everyone, and the Friars Club named its billiards room after him.

William B. Williams, Center, after Whom the Friars Club Named its Billiards Room
William B. Williams, Center, after Whom the Friars Club Named its Billiards Room

~~Copyright M-J de Mesterton; May 16th, 2009