Making Deep-Fried Gyoza

noritake_rosewood_antique_fried_gyoza_copyright_m-j_de_mestertonmaking_gyoza_jfc_wrappers__m-j_de_mesterton_2017This batch of gyoza was made with a filling consisting of finely chopped carrots, celery, ginger, parsley, dill, matcha (dry green tea), miso, turmeric, cooked brown rice and adzuki beans. I used gyoza skins from Japan Foods, Inc., and sealed them with an egg-wash~~M-Jgyoza_deep_frying_elegant_cook_m-jgyoza_noritake_bowls_m-j_de_mesterton
Below: a Salad of Beneficial Daikon Radish and Romaine Lettuce, Dressed with a Simple Vinaigrette @M-J de Mestertongyoza_with_daikon_salad_m-j_elegant_cook

Home-Grown Red Chiles in Sesame Oil

September 30th: Some of my many cayenne pepper plants finally have red fruit. The potted cayenne pepper plants are producing faster than those in my tiny vegetable garden. Only pure vegetal compost, from my year-round pile, was used to feed the pepper plants. This cayenne pepper plant was grown from seed, and has larger fruit than the one I featured here last year, which was a nice, big, shapely thing from the nursery that turned out to be several small plants. I was able to mimic it by planting several seeds in a large pot. Following is a health-promoting sauce that I made today with some of the harvest:

Red chiles, freshly-harvested, are put into a blender and crushed with refined sesame oil, sea salt, and a few drops of toasted sesame oil.
©M-J de Mesterton


©M-J de Mesterton

M-J’s Sautéed Tofu

Extra-Firm Tofu is Marinated and Dusted with Soy Flour, before Being Sautéed in Safflower and Sesame Oils

Tofu was introduced in the United States by famous Japanese macrobiotic cook, author and painter Aveline Kushi.

Marinated in soy sauce or miso, dusted with soy flour, then fried in safflower and sesame oils, this tofu makes an elegant hors d’oeuvre or a health-promoting meal.

©M-J de Mesterton 2012