Anchorwomen Badly Clad

An ABC Talking Head Wearing Too Much Jewellery and a Low-Cut, Sleeveless Evening Dress in the Morning–in Mid-October

This is the same woman who wore a white, sleeveless dress on Good Morning, America after Labor Day. (So did Elizabeth Vargas, who bobbed-up for a special report on the Amanda Knox release in late September.) The GMA anchorwoman, who appears five days a week with George Stephanopoulos (his sartorial style is as good as can be expected, incidentally), has no regard for the seasons, and is stuck like glue to arm-fattening cap-sleeves and hopelessly devoted to sleeveless dresses. It's as though she is constantly trying to show off how "toned" her arms are. Why not just wear a muscle-shirt? And dangling earrings in the morning just don't fly. Some men and women seem to be exempt from receiving style advice on the television production set. Perhaps broadcast standards have just disappeared, which occurs to me when I hear these talking heads mispronouncing simple English words on a regular basis.

And now, from the great American South-West:

It Is Not Advisable to Wear Arm-Fattening Cap-Sleeves, Clunky Necklaces and Too Much Lip-Gloss on Television