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M-J’s Old Classic Sweater by Red and Blue of Milan

M-J’s 15-year-Old Classic Sweater by Red and Blue of Milan, Bought at an Italian Tailor Shop: Sir Roger Moore Wore the “Same” Sweater Several Times in His 1970s Series, “The Persuaders”, with Tony Curtis

This elegant, double-breasted classic sweater by Red and Blue of Milan looks superb on all sides! It has brass buttons on its cuffs and front. The sweater is versatile charcoal grey and rib-knitted, just like Sir Roger’s. It even has double vents in the back.


Take good care of your clothes,

and they will serve you well for decades!

©M-J de Mesterton

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The World’s Strongest, Most Elegant Canes

This is the most brilliantly engineered, beautiful tactical cane anywhere to be found (click here to visit the creator).

These Are Very Durable, Luxurious, Light-Weight Walking-Sticks; the Most Versatile and  Elegant Canes

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