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M-J’s Home-Made Pizza

A cast iron pan can go under the broiler and come out even better condition than before, which cannot be said for other pans. After all, it was created in a sort of crucible. For an  artisanal pizza, I like to place a thin layer of raw pizza dough in my large, flame-coloured French iron skillet, which has been coated with olive oil, and cook it on the stove until the bottom of this crust is brown. Then, I place the dough-in-pan under the broiler for a couple of minutes. Taking it out with a very sturdy silicone pot-holder, and placing this cast-iron pan on a trivet, I then brush the dough with a thin layer of thick pizza sauce (this can consist of plain tomato paste if you like), grated Parmesan cheese, sliced mozzarella, and usually some sliced pepperoni. This preparation stays inside the skillet, and is then placed under the broiler until the top is well-baked. I keep the oven door ajar so that I can keep an eye on the broiling process. After its top is broiled to my preferred degree, the bottom of this skillet pizza may have become a bit soft. Crisping up the bottom crust on the stove if necessary is simple: just place the cast iron pan on the burner again for a couple of minutes, and then slide the pizza out onto a cooling-rack. This method of airing-out the pizza until it is cool enough to eat will allow the crust to remain crisp.

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