Tiny, Highly-Functional Kitchen


One doesn’t need lots of space to have an elegant, organized kitchen like the one pictured here. Things just need to co-exist in coherent fashion. Large, white appliances combined with lemon yellow, orange and lime green cookware can give a unified appearance; I call the effect “harmonious clutter”. All the many tools in this kitchen are used frequently, so there really is no wasted space.
Heavy French and Danish pans are hung on stainless steel carts with practical S-hooks from the hardware store, saving the home-cook lots of kneeling and heavy-lifting at low cabinets. Ladles, spatulas, can-openers and other essential kitchen tools are hung the same way for easy access.
Cookware-Cleaning Tip: stubborn stains on cookware, sinks and fixtures can be reduced or eliminated by scrubbing them with a paste made by combining cream of tartar and a little vinegar. This acidic mixture is often more effective than an abrasive chlorine-based cleanser.

@M-J de Mesterton, May 2017


Good, Old Reliable Brillo; M-J’s Citric Acid Scrub

Still the most effective cleaning pads, Brillo will make your housewares look like new, when combined with a little elbow-grease. For steel wok pans in which stubborn oil and food stains persist, I have made a discovery: they will disappear quickly when you sprinkle them with a bit of granulated citric acid (available at drug stores) and a drop of oil. Mix the two ingredients by rubbing them together, which will form a bubbly paste, and scrub the pan with Brillo. The steel should now shine like it did when new. This method also works well with glass on which mineral deposits have formed.
©M-J de Mesterton

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