Diamond and Silk Tell it Like It Was

An attention-grabbing woman who has a show on Fox News, serving as a “moderator” at the first presidential debate of the recent election, tried to destroy Republican candidate Donald J. Trump by framing cheap, untrue slurs as the first”debate” topic, inviting all his fellow candidates to assail his character and qualifications. Me-Gyn Kelly failed to accomplish the mission she was given by Fox News big-wigs for this very first primary election debate, and behaved very unprofessionally in her duties. Two keen observers of the election scene, who support Donald Trump’s candidacy, respond to Me-Gyn’s vicious, tabloid-style attempt to bring down a highly-accomplished builder, businessman and popular figure from New York City who just happens to have also produced a television show that teaches people how to have high professional standards. Mizz Kelly has made of herself a target of ridicule. Pundits Diamond and Silk voice their disgust with the female talking-head in this lively video.