Christa Black: God Loves Ugly

Christa Black, Musician and Author
Christa Black, Musician and Author

Christa Black: Violinist, Composer, Inspirational Author

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A natural-born performer, Christa Black’s life embodies the entirety of the modern artist. Multi-platinum-selling songwriter, mesmerizing entertainer, powerful speaker, and popular blog-author, Christa has travelled the world and shared the stage with renowned artists from the Jonas Brothers and Michael W. Smith to Jordin Sparks and Israel Houghton.

While Christa’s effortless singing and accomplished violin and song-writing abilities have attracted critical acclaim, she is much more than just a musician. Her passion for speaking and writing have inspired thousands to find freedom from addictions, eating disorders, shame, and self-hatred.

Christa’s book, God Loves Ugly, chronicles her personal journey out of destructive cycles into a life of freedom. Unashamedly transparent, she describes her painful struggle to find personal peace from the monsters of insecurity, self-hatred, sexual abuse, depression, and eating disorders. She takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery, exposing the negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that can lead to paths of bondage. Her conversational style and light-hearted storytelling will leave you laughing at her mistakes, challenged by her teaching, and crying with her pain, inviting the reader into practical steps towards healing and freedom.

Both the book and CD God Loves Ugly coincide, pairing chapters with songs that represent each topic addressed.

An avid communicator, Christa’s speaking is as captivating as her singing. Her enthusiasm for releasing people into wholeness and freedom is evident in everything she does, whether it’s singing in front of thousands of people, speaking to inspire, writing a song that reflects her heart, or taking a stranger out to coffee and hearing their story.

“So many people get the microphone and have nothing relevant to say,” says Black. “In fact, I lived that way for a lot of my life, desiring fame and recognition out of insecurity and a need for approval. Performance comes from perfection, but excellence comes from identity. I want people knowing their worth and value—their true identity—and that it’s their absolute right and inheritance to live full and free.”