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 The Duchess of Cornwall Wearing a Cream-Coloured Hat, Reminiscent of the Hats Favoured by the Queen Mother, Shown Below

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Elegant Survival and Le Boulevardier Led the Way

Le Boulevardier
Le Boulevardier, Copyright M-J

Le Boulevardier sent this link to me: a Forbes article about what men will be wearing, with his comment that we at Elegant Survival have been lightyears ahead of fashion trends. We don’t advocate the style of a certain era, like some sites do, coming off like campy costumers. Our style has remained constant throughout the decades. We have written about the figure-and-image-enhancing qualities of classic cuts and fabrics, for both men and women. And let’s hope that the days of low-rise pants and ugly stubble are gone off the style radar, and relegated to the slums or prisons where they started. We are  sick and tired of seeing men and women dressing and walking like slobs. Let the depression bring on some real dignity in human appearances. I’ve seen dogs that look better than the Hollywood crowd lately (maybe that’s why the brooch-pooch is so popular among them). Putting a movie star  with a three-day growth on the cover of a style magazine is inexcusable.  Beware of Splay-Foot, Shorty-Pants and Stubble-Face. They have made a mockery of the human race!

Elegant Survival Recommends Berkeley Hat Company

Berkeley Hat Company,

the largest hat store in California, has traditional hats for men and women, novelty hats, and Tilley Endurables for traveling. Their on-line shop accepts PayPal and credit cards. Prices are reasonable.   It’s smart, in more ways than one, to cover your head during all seasons of the year. At Berkeley Hat Company, you can acquire a hat wardrobe for a song. Even if you aren’t looking for a topper, you’ll enjoy looking at the selection of hats at Berkeley Hat Company.

Elegant Survival Recommends

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Our traditional Basque Berets offer the style, comfort and warmth expected by those looking for the finest quality berets . All of our Basque Berets are still made in Basque territory–the Hoquy Beret de Luxe comes from southern France. Black Berets remain the most popular. These satin lined wool berets are fitted with a quality sweat band for optimal comfort and durability. We also carry cotton berets, leather berets and wool berets from other parts of the world. Shipping $6.50 + $1.44 for each piece more than one per order.

2510 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, CA   94704
tel. 510 549-2955