The Elegant Survival Choice for Facial Blotters

End-Papers as Effective, Inexpensive Facial Blotters

Pack these papers in a purse or pocket for instant summer facial blotting–regular old end-papers from a beauty supply store cost only a dollar for one thousand, whereas the facial blotting papers we bought at Shiseido several years ago cost over ten dollars for a packet of one hundred. Now they are up to fifteen dollars per hundred.  End-papers work just as well to remove oils and  give your face a matte finish.

©M-J de Mesterton

The Elegant Lady’s Boudoir Suggests End-Papers or End-Wraps as Facial Blotters at a Fraction of the Usual Price: 99 Cents Versus Ten Dollars

Western Emporium Presents a Lingerie Lace Skirt and Blouse

“Recreate one of the most popular styles of the early 1900’s — the lingerie dress. All-white outfits, bedecked with frills and flounces were all the rage across the country. After centuries of exclusivity, lace was finally manufactured in factories and became available to the masses. And the ladies took to it like a duck to water, covering their blouses and skirts with ruffles and lace.”

LINK to Lingerie Lace Skirt and Blouse (each sold separately) at Western Emporium

Classic Pumps by Robert Clergerie, at Christabelle’s Closet

Update, April 8th: these beautifully crafted, classic French shoes have been reduced to the price of 50 USD.

The Most Elegant Pumps, by Robert Clergerie Size 7.5 US
Elegant Pumps, by Robert Clergerie; Size 7.5 US

Robert Clergerie Patent Leather Pumps, Made in France:  Simple, Elegant  Shoes for Evening, Cocktails or Teatime

It’s difficult to find classic, real shoes these days. When I speak of elegant dressing, I often mention closed-toe shoes, which used to be the norm. Sure, peep-toes and strappy high-heeled sandals are all the rage, but I don’t write about trends, except to disparage them and their lack of longevity. Exposing one’s toes and tottering about on stilts are never elegant. This pair of shoes almost represents my ideal for evening. Alas, they are a half-size too small for me. Advice to people approaching middle-age: buy your shoes a half-size larger than necessary, because your feet are about to grow a half-inch (once upon a time, these shoes would have fit me).

~~Copyright M-J de Mesterton, 2009

Ralph Lauren Women’s Safari Jacket: Elegant Survival

Multi-Purpose, Three-Season Safari Jacket in Black Silk
Multi-Purpose, Three-Season Safari Jacket in Black Silk

Ultra-Useful Black Silk, Lined Safari Jacket by Ralph Lauren

These days of economic disaster bring desperados in the form of purse-snatchers and pick-pockets. An elegant safari jacket has four ample pockets that button, in which you may carry all that you require for a shopping trip, light travel or touring. This Ralph Lauren ladies’ safari jacket is made of silk, is lined, and has a belt at the true waist to make you look chic, slim and elegant while protecting yourself from various elements.

Low-Rise Clothes: Time for an Uprising

Choosing Clothes that Flatter the Human Corpus

So, you are possessed of a perfectly shaped body and decide to go shopping. There is nothing available but low-rise pants and skirts that rest on the hip. The fashion industry and its manufacturers are saving big bucks on your back. You decide that to go against what seem to be the demands of current fashion is pointless, so you buy whatever looks prettiest on the hanger. Once it goes onto your well-toned corpus, something sinister happens: your legs now look a mere foot long, and your tight “abs” sit above the low-rise top of your skirt or slacks, looking for all the world like a beer-gut. What’s happening here? The fashion industry is sabotaging your looks while saving themselves money on yardage. It’s now impossible to find a pair of pants, tights, or a skirt that comes up to the natural waist; anything that does is derisively and incorrectly labeled “high-waisted”.

Photo: Trousers with a Proper Waist, Available to the Elegant Man at

If you must have your clothes made for you in order to avoid this sick, disfiguring fashion regime, there are ways to do it without breaking the bank. A well-constructed pair of corduroy, moleskin or tweed trousers will get you through the depression in style, last for many years, and what’s most appealing about them is that they will make you look taller than everyone else (unfortunate fashion-victims that they are). Even a well-shaped jacket can be sabotaged by slacks, skirts, or trousers that hang below it. Last night’s Academy Awards brought out a cavalcade of men whose crotches landed below the bottom edge of their jackets–poor misguided fellows, yet rich enough to get it right. Overly long slacks creating a puddle of fabric on top of men’s shoes do not lengthen their legs visually–they just look wretchedly tailored.

A tasteful and reliable source for elegant, durable tweed jackets and trousers is Bookster U.K. They will guide you through the ordering process, and see to it that your clothes have an actual waist, so that your investment isn’t a waste. The clothes are made by Bookster in England. There are plenty of British and American companies that copy the traditional English styles, but have them made inexpensively in China. Yet, these clothes are crafted the old-fashioned way, close to where the fabrics are milled in the United Kingdom. It may take a couple of months to have a great pair of trousers or elegant jackets made, but you just might be wearing them for a lifetime. Bookster U.K. is a small operation with a huge reputation for customer service and fine clothing. They specialize in equestrian and tweed clothes, which are perfect for town and country.

Don’t let hip-hop fashion and cheap clothing manufacturers dictate your style. It is time for an uprising against the tyranny of low-rise clothing.

~~Copyright M-J de Mesterton; February 23rd, 2009

Elegant Survival and Le Boulevardier Led the Way

Le Boulevardier
Le Boulevardier, Copyright M-J

Le Boulevardier sent this link to me: a Forbes article about what men will be wearing, with his comment that we at Elegant Survival have been lightyears ahead of fashion trends. We don’t advocate the style of a certain era, like some sites do, coming off like campy costumers. Our style has remained constant throughout the decades. We have written about the figure-and-image-enhancing qualities of classic cuts and fabrics, for both men and women. And let’s hope that the days of low-rise pants and ugly stubble are gone off the style radar, and relegated to the slums or prisons where they started. We are  sick and tired of seeing men and women dressing and walking like slobs. Let the depression bring on some real dignity in human appearances. I’ve seen dogs that look better than the Hollywood crowd lately (maybe that’s why the brooch-pooch is so popular among them). Putting a movie star  with a three-day growth on the cover of a style magazine is inexcusable.  Beware of Splay-Foot, Shorty-Pants and Stubble-Face. They have made a mockery of the human race!

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