M-J’s Elegant Pantry Update, August 2018


Groups of identical or similar containers make this busy cook’s pantry/kitchen cupboard look less cluttered.~©M-J de MestertonElegant_Pantry_by_M-J_de_Mesterton


Elegant Kitchen Cupboard Arrangement

To achieve a uniform and elegant look in even the most modest of kitchen cupboards, clean and fill containers recycled from products you use regularly, as well as glass jars purchased from health stores, which usually cost a couple of dollars each. The red-lidded glasses are by Luminarc of France. The gold-lidded jars are from Buen Día instant coffee.

©M-J de Mesterton, 2012

Pantry Update

Grouping things in similar containers makes an elegant presentation in the pantry.
©M-J de Mesterton