Make a Miniature Salt Shaker

Making Mini Salt Shakers
Re-purposing another commercial container: a tiny jam jar was converted into a casual mini-salt shaker and filled with Himalayan salt. It’s handy for a TV tray, or to keep nearby when eating popcorn, should it be sorely lacking in sodium, and a walk to the kitchen would interrupt your movie-viewing. Here are the tools I used: a sharp-pointed pair of scissors and a meat mallet. I was too lazy to visit the garage for a nail. Instead, I covered the scissors’ nice old handles with a silicone pot-holder so the mallet wouldn’t damage them. This worked fine. There are three small holes–I started small and then tested them for proper flow-rate. ©M-J de Mesterton 2018


On  the left is a larger home-made salt-shaker, strictly for use in cookery; after this photo it will live in the pantry. ©M-J de Mesterton 2018



Galavanting Gals Visit Earthship in Taos

Earthship Biotecture Inventor Michael Reynolds

Elegant Survival has featured Taos, New Mexico and Michael Reynolds’ Earthship many times in the past. In this video, the Galavanting Gals tour the mountain town of Taos, and the fascinating earthship homes which are built out of recycled (yes, recycled in a BIG way) bottles and earth. This video is excellent!

©M-J de Mesterton