If You Wish to Look Elegant, Stop…

Wear Garments at the Waist for an Elegant Appearance
…WEARING CLOTHES THAT ONLY COME UP TO THE HIP! Wear Garments at the Waist for an Elegant Appearance–Hip-High Jeans Make You Look Dumpy and Fat

“Suave” Ain’t the Word when Pants are Falling Down…

…as are those of fashion-victim Mark Wahlberg at this year’s Golden Globe Awards.   Ever hear of the waist, which serves as a proper anchor for trousers? Marching in lock-step with the millions of unwitting pawns of the twisted fashion industry makes one look Lilliputian indeed. Alas, Wahlberg is not alone. When men wear the top of their trousers at hip-height instead of at waist-height, they rob their legs of length visually. If one’s legs look shorter than his torso, a brainwashed tailor is committing crimes upon his image. But mindless sheep continue to wear trousers at idiotic levels, erroneously believing that if the trousers pile up on top of their shoes, it will make up for length lost at the top. Nothing says “Mindless Followers United” like  a decade and a half of dressing in what appear to be hand-me-downs from their half-witted, short-legged siblings.

 To Expound further on Bad Trousers and Idiotic “Tailoring” in General: My Piece Entitled, “Hilarious Clothes”

Posted on January 3, 2012 at 1:40 PM

Short, tight jacket with tiny, lumpy trousers–I found this photo of Justin Timberlake after viewing some seriously bad clothes on the fellow in December’s Esquire (U.K. Edition; see my picture below). So just what do high income and position get you these days? How about a tailor who doesn’t send you out looking like a Lilliputian, twisted freak, especially if you are gaining on six feet tall? The shorty-legs illusion wrought by trousers that are too tight and have a three-inch rise, the billowing shirt with nothing to tuck it into…this is the epitome of fashion-victimhood. People are so inured to the tragic look shown here that they would likely ask what I’m talking about. Therefore, I recommend reading  my article written in 2010, entitled “Remember Elegantly-Dressed Men?”

©M-J de Mesterton; January 3rd 2012


Back at the Golden Globe Awards: The beautiful Jessica Biel, now affianced to Justin Timberlake,  is wearing a feminine dress with long sleeves, reminiscent in some ways of the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding gown. The site linked, which pictures her at the Golden Globes Awards, gives her dress a D-. I applaud her good taste, and give Ms Biel a high mark for standing apart from the one-shouldered, strapless-wearing followers of last year’s bad fashions. I’m not sure about the tall slit up the front of her gown, but she is much closer to perfect than the fashion victimettes who precede and follow her on the red carpet. Also, the lovely Jessica Biel would do well to wear stockings. In fact, the actresses on the red carpet should be wearing hosiery, but most of them are not. No evening gown looks finished without proper legwear, by which I mean stockings and garter-belt or at least panti-hose. There is no excuse for bare legs. When I was younger, I often visited my grandmother in Marina del Rey, California during January. There was never a heat or humidity factor then, and there isn’t now. Of course, I always wore dresses or skirts with panti-hose or stockings, since it was comfortable and mostly because it was the right thing to do..