Schwimmer’s Movie TRUST is a MUST for Teens and Parents

Trust, directed by David Schwimmer, is a very tastefully-done film about the dangers for children and teenagers who  participate in social networking. It is just graphic enough to depict events, but not so much that parents will wish they hadn’t invited the kids to watch. There are a couple of anatomical references, but probably nothing that today’s school children haven’t already heard in the halls.
Also see the movie, Trade: what follows is my piece on it from 2008.

30 MARCH 2008

The Movie, Trade: a Cautionary Tale

It’s important for parents of children to see this movie. It’s also important for those who believe that travel to Mexico is romantic, and for the high school girl who pleads to go on a Natalie Holloway-style senior trip (that’s the kind from which they never return), to view this serious, sad, and intriguing film about a burgeoning criminal culture that is world-wide. I don’t want to give away the exciting ending….From the website:
TALK IT UP – EXPOSE THE TRUTH ABOUT MODERN-DAY SLAVERY: Talk with your family, friends, colleagues, and classmates about the issues of human trafficking and expose the reality of modernday slavery through one-on-one discussions and small group conversations. Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth awareness raising! You can write op/eds for a local paper, write about trafficking in an online blog, and let others know that human trafficking is a cause that you care about!