Hatred Makes You Ugly

By M-J de Mesterton

Have you ever noticed that the more resentful and jealous a woman is, the more wrinkles she has? The most important age-preventing measure for your face is being a member of the Clear Conscience Club–you know, the one whose members get a good night’s sleep. When people carry around the burdens of hatred and envy, resentments and greed, these destructive inner elements inevitably manifest themselves on their faces. Here is a quote from an interview by Linda Holmes with elegant, ageless singer Darlene Love, whose work in the 1960s with music innovator Phil Spector catapulted her to fame and made her into the exploited victim of a megalomaniac who was ethically-challenged, and for whom loyalty was a foreign concept:

“I have no reason to hate him,” she says, “and I never did, because I always found that hate makes you ugly. Makes you have wrinkles. Which I don’t have.” Here, she laughed. “But you know what? That has a whole lot to do with your insides. When you hate people, it not only makes you hate that person, it gives that vibe off for everything around you. I really do believe that. So I really did try hard not to dislike him and always be the good guy, and say what I say about him and nothing bad. ‘Cause it doesn’t help.”




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Udderly Smooth Skin Cream

Udderly Smooth Body Cream at My Vanity ©M-J de Mesterton--January 28th, 2012
Udderly Smooth Skin Cream: It Ain’t Just for Our Bovine Friends

Udderly Smooth is a skin-cream that smells lovely and clean while softening the driest, most cracked skin. It is ideal for hands, elbows and legs, and effective for diabetic feet and heels. Udderly Smooth original cream leaves no greasy residue on the skin. We love having jars of it around the house to protect us from the ravages of dry weather and winter cold.
©M-J de Mesterton