New Mexico Wildfires June 27th

A Normal Evening in Santa Fe, before the Fires

The Same Mountains, Now on Fire

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First there was the Wallow Fire in Arizona, sending heavy smoke into New Mexico for many weeks. No sooner did the effects of that forest fire dissipate than new fires sprang up in Santa Fe National Forest and now in nearby Los Alamos. The Santa Fe fire is believed to have been started by campers or Recreational Vehicles’ hot mufflers while they are parked.

The Los Alamos fire is thought by some, though still under investigation, to have been started by a power-line being downed by high winds during the past weekend.

Fireworks are being discouraged for Independence Day, because New Mexico is in the midst of its worst drought in fifty years. Winds have been gusting at around 30 mph and often up to 60 mph almost daily for  four months, and with June temperatures in the 90s, this makes for very high fire danger. Anyone who is the least bit careless with incendiaries, including cigarettes and barbecues, is literally playing with fire.

Update: Governor Susana Martinez is beseeching residents and visitors in New Mexico to forgo fireworks of any kind this year.
Help Los
is a Resource Site by Kerri Couillard, for Victims and Evacuees of the Las Conchas Fire in Los Alamos County

Elegant Movie: Roberta

This 1935 musical film featuring the music of Jerome Kern is still relevant today. The elegant Irene Dunn sings “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” and, as a Russian princess who is part of the post-Bolshevik revolution diaspora,  performs, in her angelic style,  a Russian ballad with her brother, a prince who is working as an elevator-operator in Paris. There are complications galore in this tragic-comic story, as well as some remarkable dance-numbers by Fred Astaire and the hilarious Ginger Rogers. Elegant Survival readers are likely to appreciate the fashion-critiques by the two main male characters, played by Randolph Scott and the ever-natty Fred Astaire. 
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