League of American Voters Warns against Cynical Power-Grab

The following message is sponsored by theLeague of American Voters:

Urgent Message From Dick Morris

Dear Fellow American:
The shocking Supreme Court ruling — a seeming victory for Obama — may turn out to be his worst nightmare.
Indeed, a sleeping giant, the American people, will be awakened.
And Obama and his supporters in Congress will pay a heavy price for pushing radical legislation that has already caused private insurance rates to skyrocket.
The Supreme Court ruled on a narrow issue of whether the individual mandate is legal.
But they did not rule on whether the law is a good or a bad one.
Most importantly the Court affirmed what I and many critics of Obama have been saying: Obamacare is a tax!
It is a tax on every individual to force them to buy health insurance.
It is a tax on almost every small business that falls under its onerous strictures.
It is a tax on seniors who will see benefits cut by $500 billion — who will now have to pay more out of pocket expenses — and who will be subject to rationing boards known as “death panels.”
It is a tax on citizens and healthcare providers slapped with new excise fees.
It is tax on our most successful income earners — who will now see their capital gains and dividend tax rates be raised by 20 percent!
We must oppose and repeal Obama’s “tax.” We must expose the big lie about Obamacare, the lie that it improves health care in America. It doesn’t. It just makes the system worse for everyone.
The League of American Voters — a grassroots organization I support — has been leading the fight against Obamacare.
Their efforts have already paid off with polls now showing the American people reject Obamacare.
Thanks to the League, more and more members of the House of Representatives and Senate now agree with you and me — Obamacare must be repealed FULLY.
If you agree with me — Go Here Now.
I can assure you we are within striking distance of doing this.
In fact, I can tell you that many Senators who voted for Obamacare now deeply regret it. They wish they could change their vote.
But their vote for Obamacare is etched in stone.
It can’t be changed now and we can put the noose around these Senators for making such an outrageous vote.
I am helping the League shape a national media campaign to expose Barack Obama and his supporters in the Senate and the House.
The League urgently needs your help to do this. We can really expose the massive Obama taxes that are set to trigger next year — the most massive tax increase in history.
We need to act fast.
Already the liberal media spin doctors are peddling the claim that Obamacare is here to stay.
They are telling another lie.
It can be repealed.
But the League needs your help today — Please Go Here Now.
The League is headed by its National Chairman Michael Reagan. Michael is the son of President Reagan and one of America’s most respected conservatives.
Michael agrees with me. We can REPEAL OBAMACARE FULLY.
But we need to do a massive TV, radio and Internet ad campaign.
That’s where we need your help.
If you can make a donation today to the League of American Voters, we can begin our national campaign within days.
We need to act soon. Please donate today — Go Here Now.
Thank you.
Dick Morris
P.S. The Supreme Court ruling may turn out to be a blessing in disguise, the worst thing Barack Obama ever wished for. We need to counter millions being spent by left-wing groups to back Obama’s agenda. Please help the League now. Go Here Now.

Paid for by the League of American Voters. Contributions to the League of American Voters are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Contributions from individuals and corporations are permitted by law and welcome.
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The Coming Tyranny: While You Were Occupying Wall Street

Long May It Wave Good-Bye?

The U.S. has Fought Tyrants in the Past, but Now We Have Seen the Enemy, and It Is Occupying Senate
If you thought government agents with guns going into the Gibson Guitar factory because they were crafting them from wood was frightening, but believed that nothing of the sort could happen to you, think again. A bill which will be voted upon in the senate on Monday, November 28th, 2011 has the potential, if passed, to turn the U.S. into something more evil and oppressive than the USSR and Third Reich combined.
This bill is terrifying–and Senators Lindsey Graham, John McCain (Republican–Arizona), Carl Levin (Democrat–Michigan) and some other “leaders” are for it! In fact, McCain and Levin wrote the bill.
A U.S. citizen may be labelled a “Domestic Terrorist” and locked-up without trial, just for using cash, and participating in various other innocuous, American Activities.
“The Senate is going to vote on whether Congress will give this president—and every future president — the power to order the military to pick up and imprison without charge or trial civilians anywhere in the world. The power is so broad that even U.S. citizens could be swept up by the military and the military could be used far from any battlefield, even within the United States itself,” writes Chris Anders of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office.
The ‘Worldwide Indefinite Detention without Charge or Trial’ provision of S.1867, also known as the National Defense Authorization Act, which  shall be up for a vote in the Senate on Monday, Nov. 28th 2011, states that “the homeland is part of the battlefield,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (Republican–South Carolina)
Senator Mark Udall (Democrat–Colorado) and the ACLU are working to protect Americans from this proposed tyranny. If the bill is passed, there will be no Life, Liberty, and therefore you can forget about The Pursuit of Happiness in a formerly great, benevolent nation.
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