Vegetable-Miso Dumplings

M-J’s Vegetable-Miso Dumplings

First, I chopped carrots, Napa cabbage, celery and onion and put it all on a baking sheet into a medium-hot oven, for about twenty minutes. Then, I mixed the crispy vegetables with miso and a bit of water. Using Nasoya won ton skins (available at Wal-Mart for $2.74 a packet) and small dish of egg-white to dab onto the inner edges, I filled my dumplings. They were steamed for a half-hour, then lightly sautéed in sesame oil until one side was browned a bit, then a fourth-cup of water was added to the pan which was then covered, and cooked the dumplings a further five minutes or until the water had almost evaporated.

Cooking Gyoza (Dumplings)

Elegant, Nutritious Radishes

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Cauliflower and Its Health-Benefits

Cancer-Inhibiting Compounds Abound in Cruciferous Vegetables, Including Cauliflower

11 Jun

Article about Cauliflower in George Mateljan’s World’s Healthiest Foods

Serve steamed cauliflower with tahini sauce for a delicious, health-promoting snack or vegetable dish.~~M-J