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Clown Painting, Oil on Belgian Linen 36" X 48" by M-J de Mesterton, Copyright 1986

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Candy-Coated Clowns in Contemporary Culture

January 22nd, 2013:

(Mrs. Obama Misbehaves and Rolls Eyes at Table During State Dinner)

No matter what the leaders of powerful nations and their wives are doing, elegant people, do remember to keep your elbows off the table whilst eating. Use your left hand for the fork; the right for your knife. And NEVER ROLL YOUR EYES for ANY REASON at dinner! Even if you ARE a Democrat “First Lady”–I mean, especially…. 

2008: Fashion-Victim Favorites

The Antithesis of Elegance (MY phrase, which has since been stolen by internet plagiarists*), available for around $250.00:


Make your gut prominent while shortening your legs. Hurry, they’re going fast!

©M-J de Mesterton 2008-2017 (BAD STYLES PERSIST–photos are from 2017, but nearly identical to original ones that somehow disappeared from here since 2008)

*Internet plagiarists, CLOWNS that they are, represent a mighty plague on the world-wide web. A woman began copying my original website, Elegant Survival, back in 2009. She even stole several of my chapter-titles and the phrase, “Antithesis of Elegance”. People who have never had an original idea in their lives are capitalizing on the hard work of others, by nefarious means. ~~M-J, 2012

AUTUMN, 2012: PEOPLE WITHOUT FUEL and ELECTRICITY are FREEZING in NYC, NJ and NEIGHBOURING STATES, but T.V. anchorwomen are STILL wearing sleeveless dresses, a sick trend that began last fall and continued into the winter of 2011-2012, as depicted below. When T.V. people are privileged enough to sit in tropically-heated rooms, it indicates is a very nasty, elitist, reckless attitude toward the environment and the so-called “Little People.” AND, here is one of the great mysteries of the universe: WHY do BAD STYLES PERSIST, ONCE THEY GET STARTED?

Below, you can see my post from last fall, but it is unfortunately STILL RELEVANT THIS AUTUMN!

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Anchorwomen Badly Clad

In Bad Dresser, Bad Dressers, bad dressing, Dressing for Success, Fashion Faux Pas, fashion ignorance, fashion victims, Fashion Victims on Parade on 21/10/2011 at 6:26 am

An ABC Talking Head Wearing Too Much Jewellery and a Low-Cut, Sleeveless Evening Dress in the Morning–in Mid-October

This is the same woman who wore a white, sleeveless dress on Good Morning, America after Labor Day. (So did Elizabeth Vargas, who bobbed-up for a special report on the Amanda Knox release in late September.) The GMA anchorwoman, who appears five days a week with George Stephanopoulos (his sartorial style is as good as can be expected, incidentally), has no regard for the seasons, and is stuck like glue to arm-fattening cap-sleeves and hopelessly devoted to sleeveless dresses. It’s as though she is constantly trying to show off how “toned” her arms are. Why not just wear a muscle-shirt? And dangling earrings in the morning just don’t fly. Some men and women seem to be exempt from receiving style advice on the television production set. Perhaps broadcast standards have just disappeared, which occurs to me when I hear these talking heads mispronouncing simple English words on a regular basis.

And now, from the great American South-West:

It Is Not Advisable to Wear Arm-Fattening Cap-Sleeves, Clunky Necklaces and Too Much Lip-Gloss on Television. Especially in Fall and Winter, Wear Long Sleeves! 


Will the Emblematic Bird of America Change from an Eagle to a Chicken?
Stay tuned….
The Feeble Economy Follies
To the Tune of “A-Hunting We Will Go”:
They’ll punish you to death,
They’ll punish you to death.
Make some dough
And watch it go
They’ll punish you to death.
March 21st, 2009: President Bush gave people a $600.00 tax rebate, then was ridiculed and lampooned for it by the Democrats and left-wingers, in the most vicious terms. That tax rebate was an object of scorn from those quarters for many years. When President Obama offers the same thing–a $400.00 tax rebate–he is praised to the skies. When he announced it during his speech last month, clappers in the crowd nearly swallowed their tongues in delirium. Do his fans realize the extreme nature of their hypocrisy? No, their heads are in the sand. Sad.
March, 2009: “Stripes are In for Spring and Summer” That is the absurd title of an article I found by accident–and no, if stripes “don’t work for you”–don’t wear them! Letting fashion dictate what you wear is ridiculous, and do not let the “French sailor” reference influence you. No tasteful French person would be caught dead in stripes.I can think of a few people who ought to be wearing stripes: Bernie Madoff, who made off with billions of other people’s money; Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA), for his complicity in the mortgage mess and resultant world financial meltdown; Franklin Raines of Freddie Mac; former HUD secretary Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), who pushed the no-document loans into fruition, forced banks to offer them, heedless of the disastrous consequences; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who rushed the pork-laden, phony “stimulus” bill through (behind closed doors, locking out Republicans who were in the minority, and with bribes) in order to get to Europe to receive her little award, just in time for Fashion Week in London, and who insisted that the American public pay for her super-sized jet because she didn’t want to be “inconvenienced” stopping for fuel between California and Washington D.C…..The Plumber’s Crack is Back–and It’s Not Going Away!Seen in Elle Magazine: it’s A belt*For those willing fashion-victims who don’t realize that what keeps pants and skirts up are hips, that wider area of the body below the waist, there is the illiterately* labelled, “it’s A belt”. It is a rubbery band that one attaches to her skin to keep low-rise pants from falling down. If they actually wore their pants, slacks, trousers and skirts where they belong, on the waist, this idiotic fashion contraption would not have been invented. But, fashion-victims are stubborn, and despite all the examples, explanations and exhortations from me on Elegant Survival in the past three years, they persist in wearing disfiguring styles sans waist.

*Note that in the name of this ridiculous belt the “a” is erroneously capitalized, while the “i” is left lower-case. Illiteracy abounds in pop-culture!

~~Copyright M-J de Mesterton, 2009

Ralph Lauren: the Wal-Mart of High Fashion?

I remember walking into the Madison Avenue Flagship store of Ralph Lauren back in the 1980s, and being appalled because almost everything I looked at was made in Malaysia. Now that his company has expanded to include household accents, furniture and textiles of all sorts, made in China and God knows where else, the same crowd that excoriates Wal-Mart sees no problem supporting Ralph Lauren’s shops. Irony abounds in the world of fashion, so though I am not surprised at this hypocrisy, I find it absurd.

~~Copyright M-J de Mesterton, 2009

October, 2009: Brief, Baffling Bits

The Telegraph U.K. reports that the Democrat president keeps his office so tropically warm–85 degrees–that it stifles visitors (perfect for orchid-growing was what one suffocating aide called it). This, while people in the U.S. are suffering from power blackouts and living without heat. No wonder people are nostalgic for the Carter White House, when the rule was a 68* room temperature. I say this from an abode where the room-temp never exceeds 60* Fahrenheit from November till May. The rules are only fair if those making them also play by them!

Elle Subscription Cover January 2009

Photographers and cameras: they can be your friend or your enemy!

Beyoncé, January 2009 Subscription of Elle Magazine Cover
Beyoncé, on the January 2009 Subscription Edition of Elle Magazine Cover


An  environmentally-incorrect wacko with fourteen children wants Oprah to make her a star! The woman who already had six children and bore eight more babies in one litter is hoping to be a feature on the Oprah show. I seriously doubt that she has a viable chance….

The mother of fourteen is symbolic of the “Stimulus” package. She was artificially inseminated, and expects the public to pay for all her living expenses, when she is already raking in thousands per month from public assistance for her first six kids.

Speaking of the “stimulus” bill which was passed yesterday, and into which the Democrats still want to pump more of your money, I wrote this today:

Remember that socialist/commie song the school children were taught about Obama during the campaign? “Obama’s gonna lead ’em, and he’ll give us freedom”, it went. Well, as I have been admonishing for six months, kiss your American freedoms good-bye, and die waiting for a piece of that big ol’ pork-pie in the sky! How about these rhyming words: -Obamas gonna bleed ’em, and take away their freedom!
~~Copyright M-J de Mesterton, 2009

Francophiles: do you realize that France is 80% dependent upon nuclear energy?


(Time to start protesting?)


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