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The Elegant Lady’s Boudoir 

by M-J de Mesterton

Udderly Smooth Skin Cream

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Udderly Smooth Skin Cream: It Ain’t Just for Our Bovine Friends

Udderly Smooth is a skin-cream that smells lovely and clean while softening the driest, most cracked skin. It is ideal for hands, elbows and legs, and effective for diabetic feet and heels. Udderly Smooth original cream leaves no greasy residue on the skin. We love having jars of it around the house to protect us from the ravages of dry weather and winter cold.
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March, 2019: 
I have a new favourite facial cream. It does not contain parabens; instead, it combines many natural ingredients that are beneficial to the epidermis of both your face and body, including Manuka honey and aloe.
Honeyskin (TM) leaves your skin matte, and can be worn under makeup.
I use this beautifully-scented cream both morning and night.~M-JHoneyskin_Ingredients



Elegant, Refreshing Yardley of London Early Morning Rose Soap
Made in England 
The Elegant Lady’s Boudoir Suggests End-Papers or End-Wraps as Facial Blotters at a Fraction of the Usual Price: 99 Cents Versus Ten Dollars

Elnett Hairspray by L’Oreal: My Favourite, Scent Notwithstanding  (The scent of this hairspray dissipates quickly, and can be mitigated by a spritz of your own eau de Cologne…I use Quartz by Molyneux or 4711)

Oil-Free Moisturizer by Neutrogena

Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15 combines 12-hour moisturization with effective sun-protection.

This non-greasy, dermatologist-recommended lotion keeps skin moisturized for 12 hours. PABA-free SPF 15 sunscreen helps prevent premature signs of aging caused by the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays. Its sheer formula absorbs quickly into skin and contains no drying alcohol. Skin is left feeling softer and smoother.

  • Oil-free
  • Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance-free
Elegant Receptacles for Your Vanity
Elegant Storage for Your Home-Made Emollients: Antique Porcelain Jars
The Elegant Lady's Boudoir Rediscovers Classic Pond's Face-Cream
The Elegant Lady’s Boudoir Rediscovers Classic Pond’s Face-Cream

We recently rediscovered an old, classic face-cream in an updated formula:

Pond’s Dry skin cream

The caring classic is an extra-rich moisturizer for very dry or sensitive skin.

What does it do?
It delivers essential moisture to nourish the skin, while significantly reducing dryness. This favorite smooths and softens skin while setting the stage for flawless make-up application. Pond’s dry skin cream is also perfect for deep overnight hydration.

How does it work?
Hydrates and nourishes effectively, just like rich, creamy moisturizers, without harsh, irritating chemicals. Provides deep moisturisation for soft, smooth, skin.

Special ingredients:

  • Time-tested formula – a trusted classic
Essential features:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Won’t clog pores
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Ideal for extra dry or sensitive skin

Give Yourself Seven Minutes a Day, by Gayelord Hauser, Excerpted from  His Book,  Mirror, Mirror

Now here is some more cheerful news about exercise: it does not have to be a long, complicated, strenuous routine.  All the women – and men, too – who tell me how the successfully they have made exercise a part of their lives confirms my own experience.  A few well-chosen, basic, simple exercises make the best routine.  They can be gone through in a few minutes as part of the getting up, bathing and dressing ritual that begins your day.

I have studied countless exercise routines, American, European and Oriental, for every country has its favorites.  The best ones have been developed out of natural body movements and do not demand a contortionist’s or an acrobat’s abilities.  Let me give you my seven basic exercises.  You can do them well and thoroughly in no more than seven minutes of your day, and they will keep you trim and fit all your life.  Remember, we not only exercise to keep slim; we exercise because it helps us to feel so much better and it keeps our “instrument” in tune:

  • Stretch:  Rise up on your toes, arms up, with your hands try to touch the ceiling.  Drop arms.  Relax.  Do ten times.

  • Bend:  Down, down, from the waist, hands reaching for the floor.  Stretch, stretch, until you can touch the floor with the palms of your hands.  This is the best vitalizing and back-ache exercise.  Do ten times.

  • Torso Stretch and Twist:  With arms outstretched to the sides, reach to the left, to the right; twist at the waist and reach backward to the left and to the right.  A wonderful and easy twist for keeping waistlines.  Back and forth.  Do ten times.

  • Hip Roll: With hands on hips, rotate the middle, holding shoulders still, first to the left, then to the right.  Do ten times slowly in each direction.

  • Bicycle: For beautiful legs, lie on the floor on your back, legs up, pedal slowly and rhythmically.  The more you breathe the better it feels.  Do for two minutes and relax.

  • Tummy Lift: Pull your abdominal muscles in, hard, harder.  Hold tight for about 30 seconds or until muscles start to quiver, then relax.  Do just once a day, but regularly.

  • Shoulder Shrug: Important for neck, face and scalp.  Lift the shoulders to the ears and hold for ten seconds.  Relax a repeat ten times.

Now shake yourself all over, take a few breaths, and off to your shower or tub.  You have done your muscle work for the day.  Any other exercise, sport or physical work you do will be so much gravy.  Try to make these easy and lazy twists a daily habit.~~Gayelord H

Some Fashion Designers’ Biographies on Wikipedia

Carolina Herrera · Giorgio Armani · Pierre Cardin · Ralph Lauren · Christian Lacroix · Karl Lagerfeld · Alexander McQueen · Oscar de la Renta · Emanuel Ungaro · Calvin Klein · Donna Karan ·Miuccia Prada · Vivienne Westwood

New Item of Interest to Those who Wish to Avoid Aluminum…

Elegant Survival’s New, Safe Deodorant: Crystal Essence

Crystal Essence, the Safe and Efffective Natural Deodorant
Crystal Essence, the Safe and Efffective Natural Deodorant



Berkshire Stockings: Elegant Survival’s Favorites

To maintain the flower of youth, ladies used to use parasols. They are much more reliable than sunscreen creams, and safer for your skin.

Alternatively, a  wide-brimmed hat is perfect for guarding against the sun’s harmful rays.

Elegant Survival Skin-Care and Makeup

Aveeno Positively Radiant Anti-Wrinkle Cream, and St. Ives Swiss Formula 24-Hour Moisture Hand & Body Lotion
Milady’s Boudoir Recommends Aveeno Positively Radiant Anti-Wrinkle Cream, and St. Ives Swiss Formula 24-Hour Moisture Hand & Body Lotion

Wise Acquisitions and Care…

…of jewellery (“jewelry” in the U.S.) and watches. New information is continually being prepared on the subject, relevant to Elegant Survival’s reinterpretation of luxury.

How to Economise on Your Watch’s Batteries

While you are not wearing your battery-operated watch, pull out its stem. This stops the watch from running, thereby saving battery-power.

Smart Jewellery Shopping

When considering a jewellery purchase, keep in mind that small jewellers who custom-make an item for you will charge an exorbitant amount for their service, and may not offer an iron-clad guarantee. In fact, they may go out of business and disappear completely.  The same goes for pieces on display in their vitrines. The smart place to shop is a jewellery chain-store like ZALE’S in the U.S., who not only will sell you an affordable insurance policy on the stones and settings, but, because of their high volume of sales, can afford to offer beautiful jewels at low prices.

High Value for Your Money:  Impeccable Swiss Watches by  Tissot

Tissot has been making fine watches in Switzerland since 1853. Not only do we own a couple of their well-priced watches, but my husband is a friend of Mr. Tissot. This Swiss company receives high accolades from watch fanciers worldwide.

I think that the time has come to discourage people from buying trophy-watches like Rolex. The enormous amount of money paid for such shallow, trite status-symbols isn’t representative of the comparative value, when you consider the excellent watches made in Switzerland (Tissot) and Japan (Seiko) for a fraction of the price.

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Elegant Lady's Boudoir, Dressing Table,  Elegant Survival, Nylons, Powder Puffs,
The Elegant Lady’s Boudoir Has a Vanity or Dressing-Table for Proper Grooming

Ring-Size Equivalents

Metric French/Japanese English American
37.8252 A 1/2
38.4237 A 1/2 3/4
39.0222 B 1
39.6207 B 1/2 1 1/4
40.2192 C 1 1/2
40.8177 C 1/2 1 3/4
41.4162 1 D 2
42.0147 2 D 1/2 2 1/4
42.6132 E 2 1/2
43.2117 3 E 1/2 2 3/4
43.8102 4 F 3
44.4087 F 1/2 3 1/4
45.0072 5 G 3 1/4
45.6057 G 1/2 3 1/2
46.2042 6 H 3 3/4
46.8027 H 1/2 4
47.4012 7 I 4 1/4
47.9997 8 I 1/2 4 1/2
48.5982 J 4 3/4
49.1967 9 J 1/2 5
49.7952 10 K 5 1/4
50.3937 K 1/2 5 1/2
50.9922 11 L 5 3/4
51.5907 L 1/2 6
52.1892 12 M 6 1/4
52.7877 13 M 1/2 6 1/2
53.4660 N 6 3/4
54.1044 14 N 1/2 7
54.7428 15 O 7
55.3812 O 1/2 7 1/4
56.0196 16 P 7 1/2
56.6580 P 1/2 7 3/4
57.2964 17 Q 8
57.9348 18 Q 1/2 8 1/4
58.5732 R 8 1/2
59.2116 19 R 1/2 8 3/4
59.8500 20 S 9
60.4884 S 1/2 9 1/4
61.1268 21 T 9 1/2
61.7652 22 T 1/2 9 3/4
62.4026 U 10
63.0420 23 U 1/2 10 1/4
63.6804 24 V 10 1/2
64.3188 V 1/2 10 3/4
64.8774 25 W 11
65.4759 W 1/2 11 1/4
66.0744 26 X 11 1/2
66.6729 X 1/2 11 3/4
67.2714 Y 12
67.8699 Y 1/2 12 1/4
68.4684 Z 12 1/2

The Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness


Hardness Stones and Other Materials
10 Diamond
9 Corundum (ruby, sapphire)
8 Beryl (emerald, aquamarine)
7.5 Garnet
6.5-7.5 Peridot, steel file
7.0 Quartz (amethyst, citrine, agate)
6 Feldspar (spectrolite)
5.5-6.5 Glass, typical
5 Apatite
4 Fluorite
3 Calcite, copper penny
2.5 Fingernail
2 Gypsum
1 Talc