Bedbug Epidemic, and How to Protect Yourself


Bedbugs now infest many hotels in America. They are spreading like wildfire. A friend of mine believes that she was bitten by wood-mites at the Ritz Carlton New Orleans last month. Imagine sleeping in a hotel room where there was a dog with fleas, an infestation of tiny bed-bugs or mites, and the cleaning service missed the problem. You are now in for a night or two of dreadful itching and red boils. Do what you can to inspect a hotel room upon entering it, and if you see the slightest sign of pests, urine, or vermin, insist on a refund or a different room that has been properly cleaned. You might ask for a room that hasn’t had someone’s dog or cat in it. People  put dogs in hotel beds.  In fact, Phydeaux would be very likely host for bedbugs, an extra-fancy carrier for transporting insidious pests into your home and car. There may be fleas, bedbugs, and urine on the hotel mattress. Many victims of pest-scourges have spent the night in hotel bath-tubs to get away from them. A great tool for detecting mites, bed-bugs and urine spots is a black light flashlight–small enough to be unobtrusive in your purse, and really inexpensive. This tool has plenty of applications, at home, on the job, or travelling. We’ve had one for a long time. I located a great, cheap source for the timely tool: