Cayenne Peppers and Dried Chiles for Health

Hot Peppers for Health
Cayenne and other Dried Chile Peppers Help Prevent Colds and Flu, Build Tissue, and Prevent Heart Attacks

Left to right are New Mexico Chiles, M-J’s home-grown cayenne peppers, and Chiles Japonesas from México. These chile peppers contain beneficial capsaicin. Ingested in powdered form in food or mixed in hot water, cayenne can stop a heart-attack within thirty seconds, and helps to clean the blood of toxins and cholesterol. Capsaicin also aids in lowering blood-pressure.


©M-J de Mesterton 2011

Elegant Houseplants

The elegant aloe vera plant is perfect for household beauty and medical use. Cut off a leaf and squeeze some aloe juice onto a burn, blemish, wound or sunburn. Keep it in the refrigerator in a plastic bag, for later re-application. An aloe plant will grow strong and have an elegant shape. Aloe vera plants make perfect hostess-gifts, and an aloe plant already set in an elegant piece of crockery is a welcome gift for almost anyone. Water-efficient aloes would be perfect dorm-room plants as well, since they can suffer neglect with great dignity, and may come in very handy for youthful skin maladies and emergency wound-care.
©M-J de Mesterton 2010
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