Conserving Candles

Wick material is pushed to the bottom of the newly-formed candle with a disposable wooden skewer.

Container Candles

Set your old glass candles in simmering water, pour the wax into newly-cleaned candle glasses or ones that have reduced amounts of wax in them. Put in new wick material by pushing it in with a wooden skewer when the wax is almost set.~~M-J


Press Release Received Today from Planet Resource Recovery

Now that ‘Drill, Baby, Drill‘ is an echo of the past, a revolutionary GREEN technology is discovered that will increase America’s oil production by billions of barrels, from right beneath our feet!

[Houston, TX, Nov. 10, 2008] As the hunt continues for new and renewable sources of energy, a remarkable discovery comes out of Texas that will increase America’s present oil production by billions of barrels, and it’s all beneath our feet.

In a step towards reducing, or even ending America’s dependence on foreign oil, a Houston company has announced a revolutionary breakthrough in oil recovery. Planet Resource Recovery, and its amazing GREEN product, PetroLuxusTM have completed nine months of down-hole field tests with low producing [marginal] oil wells. The end result: oil well production increased 2, 3, 4 & 5 times original output (actual studies are available upon request). Oil wells that were once producing 80 barrels per month are now producing 200, 300 and 500 barrels monthly.

Since this announcement appeared in the Houston Chronicle on Sept 3rd, oil producers and investors from across America have been knocking on the door of this publicly-owned grass roots company (pink sheets: PRRY).

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