Amateur Radio, a Survival Tool

Ham radio operators serve an important purpose during emergencies. The Amateur Radio Relay League invites you….


The Rainmaker, an Object Lesson about “Insurance”

Every American who thinks it is good policy to force citizens to buy health insurance needs to watch this movie, The Rainmaker,
based upon a John Grisham novel. I have believed for decades that because such “insurance” exists, the cost of medical care has gone through the roof. Some of us even prefer to not participate in this gambling scheme, and actually pay cash for services.  There is no parallel between car insurance, which is to protect others against your actions with a vehicle, and health insurance. I don’t have  insurance on my 21-year old car’s body, and will buy insurance on my 55-year old corpus “over my dead body.” And, one has to wonder whether or not  the health insurance lobby is being paid back for its support of the Democrats who voted in this unconstitutional law. Since the signing of this dubious “health-care” bill, which no one bothered to read in its entirety before voting it into law, those who pay for health -insurance have seen their monthly premium payments rise as much as forty percent. Remember, the current president has consistently complained about Bush’s prescription drug program, which helped senior citizens buy medicine for a pittance, thereby tipping his hand and revealing that he does not care about the welfare of America’s older population. In fact, his bloated health-care program includes what have been labelled as “death panels” by those who still believe in freedom and self-determination. The decision as to whether a person of advanced age ought to receive surgical procedures would be made by a government entity, in the interest of “saving money”–and since the U.S. government under this administration has spent trillions on shallow political handouts, that lone cost-saving measure seems extremely sinister.