Dr. Leonard Coldwell, Cancer Expert Cites Causes and Statistics

86% of all doctor visits and illness, statistically,
are  based on stress or are stress-related.
Stanford University Study:  95% of all illness is stress-related.
The medical profession is the #1 cause of death in the
Western, so-called civilized world.
In the last 20 years, nobody has died of cancer;
rather, they have died from the side effects of the treatment.

Cancer is the biggest money maker in history
for the pharmaceutical industry.

There are over 300 to 400 known cancer cures that have virtually
no side effects and nearly a 100% cure rate.

The medical profession has a cancer cure rate of 2%.
If you do nothing, you have a 27% chance of recovery.

We are all born with cancer and cancerous cells,
and our immune system gets rid of it from Day 1.

The only cause for illness is lack of energy.

The main cause for lack of energy is
physical and emotional stress.

Bad relationships are the main cause of cancer.

~~Dr. Leonard Coldwell


Dr. Leonard Coldwell: His Answer to Cancer

Dr. Leonard Coldwell


Leonard Coldwell is considered one of the leading proponents of self-help education for cancer patients and is referred-to by many authorities as a leading expert on the degenerative disease. After sixteen years as a General Practitioner in Europe, Dr. Coldwell left that practice to concentrate on his applied research in stress and stress-related diseases, with particular emphasis on cancer and other so-called “incurable” diseases.

While in Europe, Dr. Coldwell was the author of eight best-selling books, countless articles, and recorded hundreds of self-help audio programs. He remains a syndicated columnist with more than seven million readers and continues to write one of the most successful and widely distributed self-help newsletters in Europe. Over two million people have attended his life-enhancing seminars. An independent statistical institute estimated that Dr. Coldwell has worked with over 35,000 patients.

He hosts the widely popular radio show,  The Dr. Coldwell Report. With a listener-base in the tens of thousands each week, Dr. Coldwell is one of the leading voices when it comes to staying well naturally.