Elegant Survival Recommends Gloves for Safety and Style

I’ve advocated the wearing of gloves on Elegant Survival since its beginning in 2006. Try Gloves-Online.com
Inexpensive, Tough, Useful Leather Gloves: Just One of Many Styles at www.gloves-online.com
Inexpensive, Tough, Useful Leather Gloves: One of Many Styles at http://www.gloves-online.com

The Merits of Wearing Gloves

I posted a piece on Elegant Survival about wearing gloves in December, 2006. I had worn kid gloves to an evening holiday party, and my husband wore gloves as well. A young lady commented favorably on our style. I spoke briefly about the merits of wearing gloves, expressing the hope that it would again become routine. I mentioned the scourge of staphylococcus aureus, whereupon she held up her hand with its missing finger–lost to the superbug! For years, I was regarded as an oddball simply for wearing driving gloves in Princeton. What a sad state of affairs that was, in a town known for its traditions. I also wore gloves at the supermarket to ward-off transference of germs on carts, et cetera*. I’ve read somewhere recently that glove-wearing is back in style. I hope that’s true.

~~Copyright M-Jeanne de Mesterton September 11th, 2007

*I also wash every grocery item which enters our home.