Eggs in the News for Choline

Just one day after I published THIS ARTICLE on the heath-benefits of eggs, including the fact that they contain choline, Mike Huckabee reports that the ingestion of choline in eggs helps pregnant women create healthy and intelligent babies.~~M-J

Eggs, the Perfect Survival Food: Preserving Them for Emergency Usage

Cook the desired amount of eggs in a non-stick pan until they are scrambled dry. On a a large baking-sheet, place your scrambled eggs in a thin layer. Hack these eggs with a French chef’s knife or a pastry cutter to break them into smaller pieces. In a low oven around 130* Fahrenheit, bake this tray of eggs for eight hours or until completely waterless. Using a hand-mill, meat-grinder, food-mill or a blender, process the eggs until they turn to powder. Store them in an air-tight, food-grade container.


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