An Elegant Kitchen Cupboard is Easily Arranged

Groups of like-objects present a tidy appearance in  the busy pantry or full kitchen cabinet.

Elegant Pantry


©M-J de Mesterton, the Elegant Cook


Elegant Kitchen Cupboard Arrangement

To achieve a uniform and elegant look in even the most modest of kitchen cupboards, clean and fill containers recycled from products you use regularly, as well as glass jars purchased from health stores, which usually cost a couple of dollars each. The red-lidded glasses are by Luminarc of France. The gold-lidded jars are from Buen Día instant coffee.

©M-J de Mesterton, 2012

Elegant Pantry

The Elegantly-Arranged Kitchen Cupboard/Pantry

The contents of an elegant kitchen cupboard or pantry are arranged in groups of similar items such as spice bottles, salt-shakers, and jars of dried herbs. This pantry cupboard arrangement was achieved by recycling and using the most attractive jam jars, and purchasing cobalt glass-and-wire containers. There are also four Luminarc glasses with red lids for food-storage.
©M-J de Mesterton