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Elegant Islay Tweed Jacket, New, Made in England

Elegant NEW Bookster Carron Islay Tweed Jacket Size 38/48

New Elegant Tweed Jacket, Made in England by Bookster

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M-J in Elegant Tweed by Bookster

M-J de Mesterton in elegant tweed breeks, made in England by Bookster, from Gun Club Check cloth by Johnston’s of Elgin

If you wear only classic clothing, it is bound to come back into fashion. This jacket, designed by M-J and Jacques de Mesterton, then executed flawlessly by Bookster U.K., has already been somewhat mimicked (not duplicated) by Dior for autumn 2010. M-J wears her Harris Tweed burnt orange equestrian jacket with Gun Club Check breeks, also made to measure by Bookster U.K.

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Elegant Tweed Coat by Aquascutum

Our friends at Bookster offer this ladies’ tweed coat by Aquascutum, size 10/8.

Aquascutum Women's Tweed Coat at Bookster U.K.
Aquascutum Women's Tweed Coat at Bookster U.K.