Energy For America: Dr. Steven Hayward

Peak Oil is Far in the Future

The Design of Doom

Those of us who were paying attention in 2008 understood the campaigning president’s promise to punish gas and electric users, and his plan to make coal and gas reach astronomical prices for Americans. One thing he did not account-for, in his arrogant approach and simplistic naïveté, was the fact that electrical plants, coal-fired ones, are the source for charging-up his electric dream-cars. Another misguided notion was alternative fuel, namely ethanol, one lone gallon of which requires fifty gallons of water and lots of corn (a once-cheap food for the common man) to produce.  Tipping his hand on energy and fossil-fuel, this same president allowed foreign dictators to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, and prohibited same by U.S. companies. To refresh your memory, or to enlighten you for the first time if you were  caught up in the synthetic euphoria of 2008, watch this video provided by backwoodssurvivalblog: