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Gerald Celente, Modern-Day Nostradamus Proven Correct

Once you begin watching this video, it is difficult to ignore the warnings from a man who predicted today’s big stories. Prepare for an enlightening, frightening half-hour with prognosticator Gerald Celente, who appears often on Coast to Coast a.m. as the guest of host George Noory.

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Modern-Day Nostradamus Gerald Celente Predicts Individualistic Elegance for 2010

The Elegant Survival theme, as I have promoted since 2006 here on the web, was noticed by reader Gerald Celente, who mentions it in his 2010 predictions on Fox News. The transcript is a bit muddled, so it is best to watch the video. On the George Noory Coast to Coast a.m. radio show, Mr. Celente predicted a return to making one’s own elegant clothing with retro patterns. Thanks for reading Elegant Survival, Gerald!

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