Health Alerts, June 20th

I was out in the garden working the other morning, and almost got thirsty enough to take a drag from the hose. I am so glad that I resisted the impulse, because the water that comes out of garden hoses is tainted with toxins inherent in its delivery-system.

READ THE ARTICLE at CBS Washington, D.C.

And, once again, I am alerting you to the untreatable, antibiotic-resistant strains of tuberculosis (TB) that are developing in India. Read Article at


Be Wary of Salt-Restriction and Its Consequences

Painting Copyright M-J de Mesterton 2007
Salt, an Important Component of the Human Diet (Painting of Himalayan Salt Crystals Copyright M-J de Mesterton 2007)

M-J’s Elegant Pantry Features an Article on the Health-Benefits of Salt

And, the Weston A. Price Nutrition Experts Recently Warned FDA about Restricting Salt DANGERS of the FDA’s Salt-Restriction
The Weston A. Price Foundation fully-referenced commentary is posted at