Cut the Cable…

You can save many dollars per month by switching to basic cable television and continuing to rent the cable-box for a few bucks. One can even live without cable TV. Fox News Channel has an internet website that shows the main news stories on video, and other amusing content. Many other cable channels have the same feature. With the cable box, one can still rent on a pay-per view basis, or even choose to watch the free movies offered, including fearnet productions and classic horror flicks. If your monthly cable bill is a fright, consider living without premium service. It is possible!

Additionally, you can purchase classic movies for a few dollars apiece and create a movie library. Considering what is actually available on premium cable television, and the abundance of things you would never watch but are paying for nonetheless, it is worth cutting it from your budget.

Strategy Room: Streaming TV News Talk Shows on FNC

From the Clothes Line: Elegant Survival of Your Clothing

The Clothes Line, an Elegant Survival Original, Copyright M-J de Mesterton 2006

Clothes dryers are energy-wasters, and will ruin your clothes as well, through fibre-loss and shrinkage. Some electric dryers even tear holes in clothes. Hand-washing and line-drying your shirts and other washable garments will extend their lives. I use Zote soap and a microfibre cloth to rub dirt out of cuffs and collars. Underarms need special attention, too. I use a microfibre cloth instead of a brush because it is more gentle on the fabric, while strong enough to grab what I like to call “café crud” from cuffs.

You don’t need a fancy contraption for natural clothes-drying; a five-dollar investment in a clothesline from a supermarket, and a packet of wooden clothespins for about three dollars will do, and you can be line-drying in a jiffy. Having a couple of trees to hold your clothesline at each end is lucky indeed, but in their absence, posts can be installed.

When travelling, pack a small piece of Zote or Octagon soap for hand-washing dainties and shirts in your quarters. The shower is a nice place to hang them; they will likely dry overnight, and probably not need ironing.  You might pack a couple of clothes-pins as well.

The sun and Zote soap both act as brighteners, and your clothes will have a clean, fresh scent if treated to a sun-bath.

~~Copyright M-J de Mesterton, 2009