No Comparisons to Jackie Kennedy, Please…

…the elegant first lady of the 1960s would not have worn such a dress on election night, nor on any other evening for that matter. And, she would have worn stockings. In addition to that, ladies stand with their legs together, as Mrs. Obama’s daughter is doing. The adorable Miss Obama’s dress is nice, but black pantihose on a child isn’t. Michelle Obama’s unfortunate dress is being compared with the design on a black widow spider’s underside. Now that’s an apt analogy –no malice intended here; just fact. Another fashion blunder that must be noted is the pair of large, pendulous earrings. I’m mentioning all these things because I’ve read too many inaccurate statements about Mrs. Obama’s style reflecting that of Mrs. Kennedy.

The New Jackie? Wishful Thinking!
The New Jackie? Wishful Thinking!

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