Simple Composting Tip to Enhance Your Kitchen Garden

Photo Copyright M-J de Mesterton, 2008

Ever since a Spanish friend told me to bury my banana peel under the rose bush to make it flower more, I have been keen on making all fruit and vegetable scraps work for me outdoors. I dig a six-to-eight inch hole and lay in the orange and apple peelings and cores–anything vegetal can fertilize your soil. End-pieces cut from celery, carrots and capsicums (peppers) go into the garden, as well, and then are covered with a few inches of dirt. Coffee grounds and used tea are particularly appreciated by plants. This process will fertilize and enrich your garden during the cold months, and even prevent some pests in the warmer seasons. Citrus peels are said to repel cats and caterpillars. Here is some information I found about uses for citrus peels.

The proverbial French chef never lets anything go to waste in the kitchen, thus creative soups, stocks and French toast (pain perdú) were born. You can go him one better, though, and whatever vegetal matter doesn’t go into the pot can go back into the garden whence it came, with marvelous results. Just turn over your soil and see the richness, as what you have added to it turns into great fertilizer. Keep in mind that all material buried in your garden or compost-bin must be of vegetal, not animal origin. Meat and dairy products will attract vermin.

For easy-to-grow, non-hybrid survival seeds, see my article about the “Burpee Money Garden”. It could help you through a severe economic depression. Happy gardening!

~~Copyright M-J de Mesterton, 2009