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Spanish Tortilla with Roasted Grape Tomatoes

Photo: A basic Spanish tortilla is usually made with eggs, potato and onion. Here is a version of that traditional dish that I made yesterday for my husband’s main meal.  Four eggs, one pan-fried, diced potato; shredded Parmesan cheese, bits of brie and small, whole tomatoes were used to make this individual serving.

Beaten eggs are added to a diced, sautéed potato in a cast-iron pan; cheese and roasted small tomatoes are added, then after cooking for one or two minutes to firm-up the bottom, the whole pan goes under a broiler until the eggs are puffed and lightly browned on top.

Below: Grape-sized tomatoes are roasted in an oiled cast-iron pan, first on the stove and then for a few minutes in the oven under a broiling-flame. This process allows tomatoes to become concentrated in flavour, while making them easier to eat when incorporated into an egg dish. ~ Copyright 2018 ©M-J de MestertonRoasting_Tomatoes_in_Cast_Iron_Pan_Copyright_M-J_de_Mesterton.JPG

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